Zimbabwe Update: Robert Mugabe Has Resigned

There were mass celebrations in the streets of Harare today as news came that President Robert Mugabe – who has ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years – has (finally) resigned!

The news was confirmed by the speaker of the country’s Parliament, Jacob Mudendahe, as proceedings were about to begin to debate Mugabe’s impeachment. Mudendahe said he received a letter from Mugabe.

In the letter, Mugabe said that he decided to step down to allow for the smooth transition of power in the country, according to Reuters.

The speaker read from the letter, which said: “I Robert Gabriel Mugabe, in terms of section 96 of the constitution of Zimbabwe, hereby formally tender my resignation… with  immediate effect,” according to AFP.

The news was met by unbridled joy in parliament and in the streets of Harare, as shown in several videos which have emerged.

On Sunday, Zimbabwe’s ruling party announced that President Mugabe had been removed from his position as President and first secretary of the ZANU PF by a unanimous vote at a Central Committee Special Session in Harare. The party said he has been given until midday on Monday to resign from his position as Head of State.

President Zuma on Saturday said the SADC region is committed to providing support to the people of Zimbabwe to resolve the political situation .

“A stable and peaceful SADC region is in our best interest, and Zimbabwe is a critical member of our regional community,” said President Zuma.

Six days ago the military put Magabe under house arrest and seized control of Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital in what they refused to call a coup.

On Saturday it was apparent that the people of Zimbabwe supported the army’s operation, as thousands took to the streets calling on  the 93-year-old ruler to step down.

Mugabe has been in power since Zimbabwe became independent from Britain in 1980.

It is believed that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was recently fired by Mugabe (after his supporters allegedly booed Mugabe’s wife Grace at a rally), will return to take over as leader within the next couple of days. Mnangagwa has been in South Africa since his dismissal because he claims his and his family’s life were under threat if he had remained.


  1. After all this pype about Mugabe’s resignation, the question comes to mind if the new Zim authorities will have the guts to prosecute him for misuse and of state funds and reverse all their self-enriching property deals to get back the much needed state capital needed to restore the country…

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