Listen to Miss Universe’s Proud Mom as Demi Makes South Africa Proud

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peter’s proud mother, Anne-Marie, says she knows her daughter is going to make South Africa “so, so proud”.

Speaking to local reporters after her daughter was crowned Miss Universe, Anne-Marie said everything had been “beyond amazing… I have to pinch myself”.

Demi has now relocated to New York where she will be stationed for the following year.

“She is going to live there permanently in an apartment,” said Anne-Maria, “And from there she will fly all over the world to do her work as Miss Universe.”

Nobody’s sure just yet when Demi will have a homecoming party – her mom thinks it will be next year.

“We are very proud of her. That is Demi. Demi will set a goal and Demi will achieve that goal… She works hard and deserves what she gets… She’s a people person. She’ll never change… She knows where her roots are, and she knows where she’s going,” said her mom. “And I know she’s going to make South Africa so, so proud.”

Demi already inspired many with her interview on Good Morning America yesterday (just a day after the show’s longtime host Matt Lauer was fired for inappropriate behaviour with a female colleague).

On the show, Demi said the stigma of beautiful women not having brains is being broken nowadays, and encouraged young girls to believe in themselves and go for it to make their dreams comes true – “If you are not going to give something a shot, you will never know what the outcome is, so believe in yourself. And remember with hardwork and a lot of dedication, anything is possible.” (Watch below).

Listen to Demi-Leigh’s proud mom…

Watch Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters on Good Morning America