Floods in Pretoria While Mega Heatwave Heats Up Western Parts of South Africa

While roads have been flooded in Pretoria this evening, it’s been heating up on the Western coast of South Africa.

One facebook user, Erreip Sumsare, wrote on Storm Report SA: “I just finished my braai in 40 degrees in the Kalahari Desert – lekka doppie an tjoppie [nice drink and chop]! No heat – nor rain or snow – will stop a man if he wants to gooi doppie en tjoppie… Africa is not for sissies!”

While earlier reports said Vredendal could reach as high as 46 degrees tomorrow – Thursday 7 December 2017 – the latest prediction, according to SA Weather, is 41 degrees (which is still sizzling hot!).

Source: SA Weather Service

In October 2015, Vredendal recorded a record high temperature of 48,3 °c , which became the hottest temperature recorded in the world during the month of October.

In Stellenbosch tomorrow it’s forecast to be a ‘cooler’ 38 degrees.

If you’re a region affected by the heatwave, ER24 says that signs of severe heat stroke or exhaustion include: severe headache, weakness or disorientation, nausea or vomiting, muscle cramps and severe thirst. They recommend that people with those symptoms be monitored and medical assistance sought if the symptoms persist.

Meanwhile in Pretoria some roads were flooded on Wednesday early evening.

If you haven’t heard rain for a while, take a listen to this:


Extreme heatwave over the western parts of the country. With Vredendal expected to reach 46°C!! Are we going to see some new records being set? Source Enca.

Posted by Storm Report SA on Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Contact ER24 on 084 124 for any medical emergency.