Watch How A South African Feels When You Won’t Let Them Braai

This cute little Afrikaans-speaking kid is going viral on social media with a reaction to not being able to braai that most South Africans will relate to… no matter what their age!

In South Africa – having a braai (or barbecue as it’s called in many countries) is just an accepted part of being South African. In fact some even treat the country’s National Heritage Day as National Braai Day.

With one of SA’s most popular phrases being ‘nou gaan ons braai‘ (now we’re going to braai)… you can imagine the broken heart when mom says no! Watch below…

At this point the child in the video has not been named. SAPeople has contacted his mother and will update if and when we hear back from her…

Young South African’s reaction to not being able to braai:

#SlatDiePad Maar ek wil NOU BRAAI ;-(

#SlatDiePad Maar ek wil NOU BRAAI ;-( Kan jy dalk vir Ruben Delmage help om hierdie outjie op te spoor??

Posted by Groot FM 90.5 on Wednesday, December 6, 2017


South African braai, as explained by a foreigner