A visitor to the Western Cape has posted some sad and shocking photos and a video of Theewaterskloof Dam, Cape Town’s main source of drinking water… which show sand blowing where water should be flowing.

In a message on Facebook, Christopher from Pretoria, says:

“PRAY FOR CAPE TOWN people!… NO JOKES ????… This is what’s left of the Theewaterskloof Dam, the [main drinking] water source for the entire Cape Town!! …?? There is near to NOTHING left of the dam’s water… It’s literally like a barren desert!!??

“In the photos you can see the mountain on the other side… if I had walked to it, through where the dam is, I could make it to the other side without making my feet wet once!!!… This is a much bigger problem than what people think it is!!!…

“Please show your love and support and prayers with me in commenting on this post by using the hashtags: #prayfortheewaterskloof#prayforcapetown #raindownOLord
If you want to share please do so as well!”

See: Important Information for Local and International Tourists/Visitors to Cape Town.

Meanwhile the City of Cape Town is doing all it can to delay Day Zero, when the taps will be turned off and residents will need to queue for water.

New Steenbras Borehole could add 10 million litres per day:

Treated water to keep businesses going so that the economy does not suffer: