WATCH Where Cape Town’s Water Is Really Going

Western Cape vlogger Adam Spires’ latest video, co-produced with TV personality Siv Ngesi, investigates the rumour that millions and millions of litres of Cape Town’s precious water – in the midst of the worst drought on history – are being purposefully released downstream.

Spires and Ngesi say they visited Theewaterskloof Dam to debunk the rumour… but surprisingly discovered instead that the rumours are true.

Spires says watch the video: “You will NEVER BELIEVE where CAPE TOWN’S WATER is really going…”

WATCH: Where is the Cape’s Water Going?

Where is the Cape's Water Going? VLOG_108

***WATCH*** You will NEVER BELIEVE where CAPE TOWNS WATER is really going…PLEASE SHARE // LEAVE A COMMENT // LIKE MY PAGESpecial thanks for Siv Ngesi for co-producing this as well as Chris from Cape Town for doing the filming. PLEASE go smash a LIKE on their FB page!Food vs Water Source:

Posted by Adam Spires – Wannabe Vlogger on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Spires invites South Africans to offer their feedback on whether the sluice should be open and start the dialogue.

SA expat Machael Morné Laubscher, who lives in London, said: “Just seen this and wow, here in the U.K. we are blessed! It does raise some interesting questions for South Africa, and all of us abroad about teaching our children the value of the one thing we are blessed with on a regular basis…”

After watching the video Facebook user Tony Martin said: “Fruit farmers will to a large extent not have crops worth speaking about this season. I think the farmers have enough issues without this type of reporting.”

Capetonian Bronwen Griffiths says: “Check the facts first – most of this is sensationalism & a lack of understanding of water allocation laws by water use licence, area & type. Be more worried about the bottled water industry than agriculture. Also most of the agricultural products considered aren’t within the area that is fed by TWK dam’s outflow.”

Johannes Van Dyk points out: “Water quotas from Theewaterkloof dam to farmers has been reduced by 60%. This has caused some of the vegetable farmers to sell their properties to real estate developers (huge quantities of water used during building process). Closing the sluices in the Theewaterskloof dam will kill the ecosystem in the river down stream (remember it is still a river). Farming is the biggest pillar in the Western Cape economy with 100 000ha of vines. Most of those vines are dependant on Theewaterskloof water not to mention the export apple and pear industry. This goes far beyond just drinking water.”

The statistics quoted in the video are sourced from a Global Food Report (see link below image):

Amount of water used for food