Helping Rhinos have published a special tribute to Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, which died yesterday 19 March 2018.

“Sudan was no ordinary rhino, he was the last male northern white rhino, and without doubt the most famous rhino in the world… Sudan’s passing has been met with an emotional outpouring from far more than those who spent time caring for this gentle giant.

“At the age of 45 Sudan was a very old man, well over 100 years old in human equivalent years. The reality is Sudan passed away of old age and not at the hands of poachers or as a result of man’s actions, in fact quite the opposite.

“The love and attention Sudan received from his caregivers at Ol Pejeta Conservancy undoubtedly prolonged his life by a number of years. Sudan’s death is one we should wish for all rhinos – a natural death and not one resulting from a bloody mess of a face where his horn once stood so proudly.

“Sudan was a global superstar, even listed as ‘the most eligible bachelor‘ on the dating app Tinder, and as with all superstars he will be mourned.

“There will be anger that the last of his breed is no more, our anger should not however be at the death of Sudan, but for what his death represents. That the actions of humans have resulted in the near extinction of a species that once roamed this planet with the dinosaurs!

“Sudan was of course unaware of the impact he had on so many people around the world. After all, he was just a rhino doing what rhinos do – eating, drinking and sleeping.

“Sudan will leave a legacy, but exactly what that legacy will be is up to us.

“In the last 50 years we have lost over 95% of Africa’s black rhino.

“We will have most definitely failed Sudan if in a few years’ time we are talking about ‘the last male black rhino’. The legacy we must create for Sudan is to NEVER let his story be repeated.”

Helping Rhinos ended their tribute with: “Rest in peace old friend – we will not fail you!”

Read the full tribute here.

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