The internet is falling in love with little South African hippo, Charlie, whose best friend is an orphaned rhino… and who, until recently, thought he was a rhino too.

Charlie lost his mother during the drought and was rescued by a KwaZulu-Natal orphanage. Little Makhosi also lost her mom because of the drought… so the two became best friends, playing together during the day and snuggling up at night to sleep together.

The only problem was that Charlie grew up thinking he was a rhino… which presented a problem for his carers at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage to ever be able to release him into the wild. Until December 2017 when they found Moomin, a female hippo orphan who was over 1,000 km away in the Eastern Cape.

Moo was brought to the Orphanage and the two young hippos fell in love. She’s taught Charlie how to be more of a hippo – grazing at night and enjoying the water!

But he still spends time with his best friend Makhosi!

The video was posted by the Dodo’s Odd Couples page, and has already been viewed over 6.6 million times!

WATCH Baby Hippo Charlie Falls in Love with Orphaned Rhino in South Africa

Baby Hippo Falls In Love With Orphaned Rhino

When Charlie the baby hippo lost his mom, he was rescued by a rhino orphanage and became best friends with a little rhino. There was only one problem — Charlie grew up thinking he was a rhino too! Today on Odd Couples, watch how Charlie eventually learned to act like a hippo, even though he'll always come back for snuggles with his favorite rhino ?

Posted by Odd Couples on Thursday, March 15, 2018