WATCH Australians Punt South African Beer! From Newlands Nogal!

“How do you get Australians to punt our South African beer? Simple. You go to Newlands and ask them.” That’s the premise of a new ad for Newlands Spring Beer.

The catch of course is that the advertisers went to Newlands in Western Australia, where the Aussie tasters presumed they were drinking good ol’ Aussie brew… and they loved it! “Fair dinkum, best beer you can get!”

Watch their faces when they’re informed that actually they’re downing South African beer, brewed in Newlands in the Western Cape! (Imagine their double horror if this had been filmed after the current #SandpaperGate when the Australians were caught out ball-tampering  on the Newlands cricket pitch in SA!)

Advertising company King James said: “In the world of rivalries, few are as intense as South Africa vs. Australia. Which is why we went down under, and got Aussies to tell us just how much they love Newlands Spring Beer…”

WATCH Not that Newlands… Australians punt South African beer

The beer uses the water from the famous Newlands Spring (which some desperate Capetonians have been fighting over during the drought!).

The ad campaign includes a link to… which redirects to a Bet Chaeli Cant campaign to raise funds for an NGO working with disabled people. Well known ability activist, Chaeli Mycroft, who grew up with Cerebral Palsy, says: “People have been betting against me my whole life and I keep proving them wrong. I want to do it again. This time, I’m going to ride a horse for five days to raise funds for children with disabilities. Bet I can’t do it? I dare you to.”

King James advertising company is well known for its award-winning commercials. ‘The Reader’ was heralded as better than a Superbowl ad when it was broadcast a few years ago, and is still as powerful today. Watch below: