WATCH Every Person in the World Needs to Do This Roadtrip in South Africa

Colourful culture, wonderful wildlife and remarkable scenery… as the video, says: this is not the normal road trip that you’ll do in South Africa (and certainly not the one that thousands of travellers are currently doing as they head down to Durban from Gauteng). This is one that takes you off the freeway and down roads you’ve never been before, to little towns and villages that people don’t normally go… to discover the unexpected.

“I think every person around the world needs to come to South Africa and they need to do this road trip… to see the Zulu culture which is one of the richest cultures in the world,” says the presenter of the below Secret Escapes video.

It’s so easy on a road trip to be focussed on your destination, they says, but every now and then it’s good to “stop the car, pull over, listen to the birds, smell the air… and just appreciate where you are…”

WATCH Roadtrip from Johannesburg to Durban