South Africans in the UK are in for a treat with A Night to Remember – an amazing concert featuring Prime Circle, Just Jinjer and Tailor, all on stage TOGETHER – in London on 4 August 2018! Here, SAPeople chats exclusively to Tailor about Johnny Clegg, performing for expats and living in the moment… PLEASE NOTE: EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED.

tailor 1
Tailor on stage. Photo supplied.

1. You were in London at the Apollo just last year with Johnny Clegg. What was that experience like?

Touring with Johnny Clegg was a once in a lifetime experience. Each show was incredibly powerful and beautifully executed. When I was younger, Johnny Clegg was always known to me as an icon someone who took on the responsibility of informing people of cultural differences and how it can effect the community that we live in. Through his teachings and music he brought people together. I will forever cherish the final journey tour.

2. You’ve recorded in the US. Did you notice any differences between the music industry in the US and SA, or learn anything you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t travelled?

Traveling in itself is always an opportunity to learn – experiencing cultural differences and the pace of the cities that might be different to yours. The Music industry in Texas is definitely a busy and buzzing one. I experienced various genres and it is evident that there is a bigger market for alternative music.

Other then this though, it is not much different to South Africa.

3. When you’re performing overseas, do you notice the South African expats in the audience?

All the time, it is a wonderful feeling.

4. You’re a singer and composer, and have already achieved so much with two 2013 SAMA nominations behind your debut album “The Dark Horse” and a 2015 SAMA nomination behind your second album “Light”. What’s still your biggest dream that you’re chasing?

I stopped chasing a long time ago.

As cliche as it sounds, I enjoy the journey and the process of it all.

This attitude, however, does not take away from the fact that I am a hard-working individual who always strives to reach a bigger audience.

I have been gifted this talent and I choose to change people’s lives one show at a time, and in this moment I am exactly where I should be.

5. What do you enjoy most about being on stage?

Being in the now.

6. What’s the best part of touring?

Being on the road is always great fun. I enjoy the work that goes into it and meeting the fans.

7. And how has this tour been – with you being the only female on stage?!

The tour has been a lot of fun. Sharing the stage with these talented musicians is an absolute privilege regardless of their gender.

A Night to Remember. Photo by DCJ Art Studio

8. What do you miss most from SA when you’re abroad?

My mom’s food and Pronutro.

9. What can the audience expect from this show?

A lot of energy. Raw emotion and an absolute unpredictable show.

10. What would they be missing out on if they didn’t come to the show?

A once in a life time experience.

11. What or who inspires or influences you most?

People’s life stories.

12. Will you be seeing any other shows, visiting any special shops/restaurants while you’re in London? 

I live in London. Must do’s are, a chocolate company called, SAID in Central London. They make the best hot chocolate.

Please finish these sentences:

a) I’m proud to be South African because… we are resourceful.
b) I wish South Africans would… broaden their horizons…