Video footage of the scary moment when a rhino attacked a car in a Mexican safari park has gone viral around the world. Watch below.

According to local reports, nobody was injured – although it’s likely the family who were inside the car, were probably left a little shaken!

The video was filmed at Africam Safari in Puebla, by the occupants in the vehicle behind the one the rhino attacked.

Josue Fernando Gonzalez told Reuters in an email that the rhino had been running towards some zebras at first, before charging the family’s car.

The footage shows the male rhino trying to push the car away while zoo keepers try to chase the rhino away. Reuters says the keepers let the cars out before closing the enclosure.

The rhino has since been moved to a different section of the park.

Africam Safari said the rhino’s aggressive actions were because there was a female rhino close by, and reassured visitors that this attack was an “isolated case”.

WATCH Rhino attacks vehicle in Mexican safari park