The African National Congress (ANC) says it has learned with “shock” of the alleged, attempted assassination of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro.

“The abhorrent attack reportedly happened as President Madura was delivering a keynote address on the 81st anniversary of the National Bolivarian Guard.

“At least two explosions in aerial devices (drones) reportedly occurred in front of the President’s podium and it is believed that they were directed towards the President and the group of high-ranking officials that were on the platform,” the ANC said in a statement Sunday afternoon.

Firefighters have said it wasn’t a drone attack, but rather a gas tank explosion inside an apartment (see youtube video below)… but an eye witness says he saw the drone hit the building, and that it exploded causing the fire (see twitter video below).

South Africa’s leading political party said it condemns the alleged attacks in the “strongest possible terms”, and applauded the security personnel who ensured the President’s life, and those near him, were spared.

Seven national guard soldiers were injured.

Venezuela’s Minister of Information said: “We have proof that this was an assassination attempt. They’ve failed.”

The Venezuelan president has blamed the ultra right and unidentified financiers in the US for being behind the alleged attack.

The ANC said it pledges solidarity with the government and people of Venezuela.

WATCH Nicolas Maduro survives apparent assassination attempt