WATCH Mesmerising Video of Balancing Stones in South Africa

Usually Luke Maximo Bell produces breathtaking footage of the Western Cape, but this time the South African videographer has created a slightly different video… although it’s just as mesmerising (and includes some spectacular scenes): of learning to balance stones.

It was all filmed in South Africa… except for some time lapse scenes which Luke took while on holiday in Scotland.

It started while he was making a guest video for YouTuber Mike Boyd (who has almost 1 million subscribers).

“Mike learns new skills and times how long it takes to learn them,” says Luke. “So I decided to see how long it would take to learn to balance stones. And this is the result.

“It’s super meditative and relaxing to do. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would… even though it’s extremely difficult!”

Some of the gorgeous outdoor footage includes Newlands Forest, Cape Town, Dunnottar Castle in Scotland and Matroosberg (when it snowed last month), near the top by a stream.

WATCH Learn to balance stones