There’s more snow forecast for South Africa this weekend… but it’s not the “disruptive snowfall” that’s got everyone talking as much as the shape of the zone that the South African Weather Service (SAWS) has predicted will receive snow.

SAWS Weather forecast map with the outlined snow zone

The comments on Snow Report SA have been priceless, with South African humour at its best. Here are just some of them:

Oh my, that area is SO screwed…. Marlene Quinot

Looks like this storm might hit HARD and LONG across South Africa. Those people in its GRASP are gonna need a STIFF drink. Ryan Hannocks

When preDICKtions are funny… Robbie Crouch

The shape of the area though ?? Graeme Musto 

That looks a bit willy…I mean…chilly. Jessica Antionette le Roux 

Looks like we are going to freeze our b@lls off??? John Prinsloo 

Be safe and responsible, wear a raincoat. Leoni Trollip 

One cock-up for the weekend with all this snow. Trevor Flugel 

Nothing may come of it… Guido Costa 

I’d say this report is far from being a phallacy…. Gareth Tiedt 

Comments on South African Snow Report
Screenshot from Snow Report SA

Looks like everyone is getting shafted Conrad Herbst 

If you’d interested in the actual details of the snow report… please see below.

The South African Snow Alert That Has Everyone’s Attention!

The South African Weather Service have just released this disruptive snowfall alert that is very much in line with what…

Posted by Snow Report SA on Thursday, August 23, 2018

Snow Report SA said if you plan on travelling on Saturday night or Sunday morning in the affected areas, please be extremely cautious of dangerous icy roads.

Some mountain passes  are expected to be closed.

The front is expected to make landfall in the Western Cape during Saturday 25th, with snow possible over all the south westerly mountain ranges by Saturday evening… falling into Sunday morning as the front moves east.

Light snowfalls are also expected in the Northern Cape.

“By mid-afternoon on Sunday, all snowfalls are expected to cease,” said Snow Report SA.

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