Here’s a message of caution for anyone planning on visiting the gorgeous fields of wildflowers in the Western and Northern Cape at the moment… check the vicinity carefully before you lie down amongst the petals to pose for a photo!

Cape Cobra snake amid wildflowers
Harker Briyan on a flower watching trip up the Western Cape

What looks like a beautiful gentle scene could actually have turned into a tragedy.

Capetonian Harker Briyan told SAPeople: “Flower watchers be careful. This is a photo that I took last weekend on a flower watching trip up the West Coast.

“Unknowlingly, it got photo bombed by what looks like a 2 metre Cape Cobra hiding among the daisies! The snake is in the foreground of the pic. It was a very close encounter indeed.”

Cape Cobra in the Western Cape
Cape Cobra photobombing a flower picture

Both Harker and his friend only noticed the snake when he got up… and the highly venomous creature was fortunately in a non-aggressive state!