WATCH South African Pro Surfer Shows the World Cape Town’s Still Here, Stronger Than Ever (and With Water!)

South African Pro Surfer Jordy Smith is featured in a new video campaign letting the world know that Cape Town and the Western Cape are still here… after international headlines earlier this year warned overseas visitors of the water restrictions in Cape Town.

In a video uploaded by Discover Cape Town and Western Cape, it says: “Cape Town and the Western Cape recently suffered the worst drought in its history, but we overcame and are now stronger than ever before.

“South Africa’s best surfer, Jordy Smith, knows our water better than most people, having spent plenty of time exploring its breaks, and he is here to tell you that ‘It’s All Still Here’!”

Jordy’s video is the first in a series of three. Fellow pro surfers Frank Solomon and Mikey February will also be featured in videos showcasing the beauty of the Western Cape and its epic surf conditions… as well as the incredible resilience of its people who came together to avert the worst duringĀ  the drought.

Earlier this week the City of Cape Town announced that water-usage limits will soon be relaxed from 50 litres daily to 70 litres per person.

The surfers are participating for free in the campaign to lure back international tourists to Cape Town and the Western Cape.

WATCH Jordy Smith: It’s all still here – Cape Town and Western Cape, South Africa