WATCH Trevor Noah Interview His Grandmother in Soweto

South African expat and comedian Trevor Noah has posted a wonderfully moving – and funny – interview with his 91-year-old grandmother, whom he visited during his recent trip back to South Africa to host the Global Citizen festival.

Trevor and his grandmother – Nomalizo Frances Noah – talk about his childhood (when he was white), life under apartheid and all the things he needs to do to get her to watch The Daily Show, which he hosts in the US.

The interview swings between poignant moments as she remembers having to dig for potatoes by hand during the apartheid years, and if somebody died, you buried them and continued digging… to humorous moments as she blames load-shedding for the reason why she hasn’t bothered watching Trevor’s show yet!

WATCH Trevor Noah chats to his grandmother in Soweto

Here’s a shorter version:

Visiting my Grans in South Africa

While I was in South Africa I popped into my Grans place to say hi and she was kind enough to let you come with…

Posted by Trevor Noah on Monday, December 3, 2018

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