WATCH High Speed Car Chase and Shootout in South Africa

CPS Security in South Africa have been commended by social media users for not giving up in the pursuit of armed wannabe car hijackers.

A video uploaded to Youtube by CPS, from their dashboard camera, shows how dangerous the encounter was – with the suspects shooting from their car – and how scary it must have been for all those innocent vehicle drivers caught up in the chase.

The private security company had noticed a hi-jacking taking place, during a regular patrol in the south of Johannesburg in September.

“Several shots were fired at our security officers, and a backup was requested,” said CPS.

During the chase, the suspects – in a white Toyota Corolla – continue to fire at the CPS vehicle, at one point opening their car door to aim whilst driving at speed.

CPS said they had to fall back because it was clear the suspects had “no regard for public safety” and would continue firing.

Fortunately more backup arrives.

According to CPS, four suspects were arrested and four firearms were recovered after the driver of the getaway vehicle lost control and crashed into a fence.

WATCH High speed car chase and shootout