WATCH South African Strangers Smashing Labels in Castle Experiment

Castle Lager has launched its latest #SmashTheLabel video – a special experiment with “real South Africans”. Watch below.

“We asked strangers to describe someone based only on a picture,” says Castle. What the strangers didn’t know was that they were then going to meet each other.

Castle is asking South Africans “What does reconciliation mean to you?” as the country prepares to celebrate on Reconciliation Day on Monday (this year, the 16th is a Sunday).

The intention of the public holiday is to encourage reconciliation and national unity for South Africa.

Castle’s campaign hopes to influence South Africans to “see the people, not the labels”.

“No labels or stereotypes will get in the way of our quest for a more united Mzansi. Let’s all #SmashTheLabel 😉” says Castle. According to the blurb on the video there were no scripts and no actors.

WATCH South African strangers smash the label in Castle Experiment

If you can’t view the above, watch it on FB here: