WATCH Half an Impala Bravely Attempts to Escape Hyena

Just a warning upfront – this video is definitely not for the sensitive. We may all know and understand that animals prey on each other in the wild, and it’s part of the circle of life… but in this particular sighting, what the impala is seen to be enduring is quite upsetting.

On the positive side, Kruger Sightings – which uploaded the video – said it shows that impalas are “true fighters”.

The video has already received 400,000 views in less than 24 hours!

The footage was filmed by Sune Eloff on 12 March near the Lower Sabie camp in the Kruger National Park.

One YouTube user said: “True warrior, not going down easily… damn very upsetting video indeed.”

Another pointed out the male impala’s “sheer adrenaline and will to live”, while someone else said: “I guess all that matters is your heart and your spine đŸ˜¬”

It includes a great sighting of a leopard that apparently waited nearby until the hyena had finished feasting.

WATCH Half an impala tries escaping hyena