WATCH Brave Buffalo Fights Off Crocodile and Lions (with a Little Help from his Friends)

Watch below as a brave buffalo avoids becoming lunch, by escaping both a crocodile and lions. The scene took place at Transport Dam in the Kruger National Park, the same spot where the epic ‘Battle at Kruger’ was filmed over a decade ago in 2007 (and resulted in one of the most viral videos ever – see bottom of page.)

Kruger Sightings, which uploaded the latest video to YouTube, said: “The next generation of lions at Transport Dam recently faced their own failed hunt due to a huge herd of buffalo and crocodiles interfering!”

The video was filmed by Thuli Khumalo, head of Atamela Tours. The footage begins with the lions chasing a large herd of impala… who are too fast for them. They then set their sights on a lone buffalo, which escapes into the water… only to be attacked by a crocodile. Back on land the buffalo manages to fend for itself whilst calling for help (which buffaloes apparently do when under threat).

“Luckily, for this buffalo, his calls were answered! A massive herd of buffalo that was on its way to the dam saw the commotion and chased the lions away, saving the life of fellow buffalo,” said Kruger Sightings.

It’s not clear if the buffalo’s saviours were friends and family, or from a different herd.

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