WATCH Singer Kurt Darren Wrecks South Africa’s National Anthem at Rugby Match

Social media is going crazy after South African pop singer Kurt Darren ‘wrecked’ the country’s national anthem – Nkosi Sikelel‘ iAfrika – at a Varsity Cup rugby game.

Some said he ‘butchered’ it and, in the words of Tumi Sole, “didn’t even bother to learn the Sotho lyrics of the National Anthem”.

Others – like Tshepo Bothata Keng – were a little kinder, and said: “I know its bad ne.. but I find this so funny 😂😂😂😂 Dankie Bra Kurt.. shem he was caught up in the melody of his voice and forgot the lyrics 😂😂 its happens, forgive him #KurtDarren”

WATCH Kurt Darren ‘butcher’ South Africa’s national anthem

Or did he simply forget the words?

In January 2017, South Africa’s Nkosi Sikelil’ iAfrika was named Best National Anthem in the World by the UK’s Economist newspaper.

The newspaper describes the key ingredients to a national anthem as including a “rousing tune to quicken the pulse, some pathos to moisten the eyes and that inexplicable something to make it stand out from all the rest”… and they didn’t mean by getting the words wrong!

Even this little South African expat toddler in Amsterdam can sing it better:

For Kurt… and anyone else who has forgotten the words:

Photo: Beverley Karabus. Words image: Pumela Salela – “Practice the National Anthen now b4 the #Bokke play USA.”

UPDATE – Kurt Darren reacts to criticism:

Kurt called in to 702 on Tuesday morning to ask “why on earth am I trending?”. He laughed and said “yes, I messed up one line” but blamed the fact that it was overwhelming with a crowd of 20,000. He said he’s not going to disrespect the anthem and that he loves it and it’s an honour to sing it. However not once did he actually say sorry! He said he woke up to this “massive storm” this morning which is “so funny” to him because “is it really news?” When Eusebius McKaiser asked him why he didn’t know the anthem, being a professional singer who’s had 25 years to learn the anthem, Kurt said “have a lekker day” and put down the phone.

Kurt told Channel 24 that he not only “messed up” the Sesotho section, but the Afrikaans section too.

He said: “I would never intentionally mess up the words to the national anthem… I’m not just an Afrikaans singer, I am a proudly South African. But at the end of the day, I am not blaming anyone, and I take full responsibility for what happened.”