For undecided South African voters, Capetonian resident Faried Swartz has created a brilliant version of ‘Do Re Mi’ (from the Sound of Music). Watch below as he “starts at the very beginning” and charts everything that’s happened since we voted for democracy and the ANC… ANC…

Faried says the reaction to his video has been “amazing”. It’s already received over 45,000 views on Facebook alone.

He uploaded it yesterday, saying: “It’s election time again.😁”

Faried told SAPeople he’s been involved in show business for 25 years “just like the ANC. 😁” and the he started creating these videos at the height of the Jacob Zuma controversies.

Faried revealed that making the video was “quite hard to do… incorporating props… I made lots of mistakes with them… and remembering words that you have recently written is already quite hard. It took many, many, many, many takes. Ha ha ha…”

It was worth it! Watch below…

WATCH Election Time South Africa

Faried’s first video was Secret Ballot… then (a big one) Please release him let him go. He’s done about 15 more over the last few years highlighting issues from water restrictions to shady politicians… to the burning of trains. “My Fuel Hike video was quite popular too… as I did it dressed as a Bee Gee… singing ‘Nobody gets too much Petrol no more’. 😁

“I am very grateful to bring a little bit of light to this doom and gloom period that we are going through…” Faried told SAPeople. South Africans are grateful to Faried for doing so!