Carte Blanche Investigates Ford’s Faulty Locks and More This Week

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Break-In Alert – Could Your Car be Next?

Every single day cars are targeted by criminals who break the locks and loot the boot of all valuables – but perhaps not just any vehicle – it seems that currently there’s a specific manufacturer of choice. In recent months, owners of certain Ford models have become easy targets and have now taken to social media to voice their concern.

As reported by SAPeople 10 days ago, South Africans who had had enough of certain Ford Fiesta and EcoSport motor vehicles being broken into created a Facebook group called “My FORD was Broken into…South Africa”. They begged Carte Blanche to investigate.

The show has listened and tonight will investigate. (Producer: Nicky Troll; Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender)

Since Carte Blanche began its investigation, Ford said Wednesday that it “regrets the inconvenience” to its customers and will soon launch three enhancements including the alarm, if fitted, remaining active; offering an alarm for models without a standard one; and offering a replacement lock with a remote and a high-security key.

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Also on Carte Blanche tonight (Sunday 28 April):

Devastating Floods Wreak Havoc in KZN

It’s been a terrifying few days for hundreds of people in Kwa-Zulu Natal and parts of the Eastern Cape, as heavy rains and flooding have forced them to evacuate their homes. With at least 70 people dead, about 1000 people displaced, collapsed buildings and road closures, emergency services have been stretched to capacity. Now as the storm dissipates, can residents rebuild their stricken communities? (Producer: Stenette Grosskopf: Presenter: Claire Mawisa)

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Online Loan Scam

Struggling to make ends meet in the current economy, South Africans who have found themselves desperate enough to apply for certain online loans have stepped into a world of pain as they inadvertently end up in a debt spiral, having to pay for services they never asked for, through debit orders they had no idea they were authorising. It’s a nightmare that once begun, can take years to clear up. Carte Blanche confronts the National Consumer Commission about what their investigators have done to help stop the exploitation of the broke and despairing. (Producer: Liz Fish; Presenter: Derek Watts)

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The Palm Oil Problem

From soap to chocolate, face cream to fast food, palm oil is versatile and cheap and the most widely used edible oil in the world, despite being high in saturated fats. But internationally, the pressure is growing on government and industry to cut out palm oil or switch to certified sustainable sources. Carte Blanche investigates the dubious practices of the palm oil industry, including the destruction of forests in the Far East, dispossession of farmers and threatening of the last orangutans. We speak to South African distributors about what it takes to go sustainable. (Producer & Presenter: John Webb; Researcher: Laura Byrne)

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