Massive Dust Storm Turns Australian Town of Mildura from Day to Night

A massive dust storm in Australia turned the town of Mildura from day to night at around 17h00 on Tuesday.

Dust storm, Australia. Photo: Glenn Milne

Fortunately nobody was injured, as the apocalyptic cloud of dust swept through the town.

Victoria has been suffering from very dry conditions which is why there was so much dust for the massive gusts of wind to pick up, said reporters.

Some residents of Mildura said it was ironic that the dust storm hit them on World Asthma Day.

According to the Herald Sun, vehicles were forced to pull off the road or slow to a crawl as visibility dropped to less than 50m.

Weather experts said the storm resulted from a cold front moving across the north west of Victoria.

Witnesses described the scene as being like Armageddon, with a thick wall of dust that blanketed the town in darkness for around half an hour.

One said: “The air was thick with dust, and then the rain hit and it was like it was raining mud. The air was pretty clear again by around 6.30pm.”

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