Carte Blanche This Week: Pedigree Dogs, Endangered Turtles and More

Carte Blanche shares interesting views about why South Africans came out to vote, they also investigate unethical breeding practices of pedigree dogs and more this  Sunday 12 May, in South Africa; and available to stream from Tues 14 May for South Africans abroad in many countries.

Save the Turtles

A team of young marine biologists has developed a special bond with baby turtles that they nurture back from death’s door.

Loggerhead turtles mainly feed on jellyfish. Floating plastic is one of the biggest dangers for these marine animals. They sometimes mistake a plastic bag for food.

This week meets the team working to save endangered turtles and sees how they fit the adult turtles with satellite tracking to monitor this endangered species in the oceans.

Watch the show overseas | Watch in SA on DStv Now

Watch the show overseas | Watch in SA on DStv Now

Pedigree Dogs

Pedigreed puppies fetch a hefty price tag. But with vet bills stacking up over the lifespan of dogs for genetic health problems, Carte Blanche investigates unethical breeding practices.

Watch the show overseas | Watch in SA on DStv Now

Election Results 2019

This election confirms that freedom and democracy does indeed reign in SA – President Cyril Ramaphosa on .

Watch the show overseas | Watch in SA on DStv Now

Wheelchair Fraud

Far from making their lives easier, some wheelchair-based customers from Durban who paid over tens of thousands of Rands for mobility aids for their wheelchairs say the supplier has broken every promise.

Watch the show overseas | Watch in SA on DStv Now

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