Lizzy was born on the other side of town, on a farm called Noorspoort, owned by the legendary Craven family. “I learnt from my mother how to bake and cook. She in turn learnt it from old Mrs Maria Craven, [rugby legend] Doc Danie Craven’s wife.

“Later on I worked on another farm at Baroe, near Mount Stewart. I have such fond memories of all those people. I know many carry around a heavy burden from the Apartheid days, but not me. I was treated so well wherever I worked. It felt like I was part of the family.”

Lizzy went on to work as a domestic in Port Elizabeth, where her employer, Margaret Muller, helped hone her cooking and catering skills.“But I moved back to Steytlerville in 1995 when my daughter Melissa was ready to go to school. I wanted her to have a similar childhood to mine. There is nothing as wonderful as growing up on a Karoo farm!”

“But will you survive there?”, asked Mrs Muller. Lizzy answered, in her confident way: “I will surely survive. I am a child of the dust.”

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