CARTE BLANCHE: Young Couple’s Murder Linked to Zama Zamas, Unemployment and More

Here’s the line-up of hot topics that the Carte Blanche team tackle this Sunday 23 June – watch here if you’re in SA and available to stream from Tues 25 June on Showmax International for South Africans abroad in many countries:

The War Underground

A young couple is found gunned down on the side of a notorious highway. Police have no suspects but there’s a war going on underground – armed gangs of illegal miners operating right under the busy streets of Johannesburg – and they fear the killers could be among them.

With access to guns, ammunition and explosives these so-called zama zamas run amok in some of Gauteng’s abandoned mines.

The illegal miners trade high priced commodities underground and are willing to risk life and limb as they continue to pilfer abandoned mines

It’s a network of organised crime syndicates, and authorities seem powerless to stop them.

Could this double murder be a case of mistaken identity? Carte Blanche investigates. (Producer: Graham Coetzer; Presenter: Derek Watts)

Watch the show overseas | Watch in SA on DStv Now

Watch the show overseas | Watch in SA on DStv Now

Tracking Your Stolen Vehicle

From the mall to the garage right at your doorstep, the hijacking and theft of vehicles is a daily reality for most South Africans and installing a tracking device isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. So motorists pay hundreds of Rands to tracking companies to help recover their cars when they’re stolen. But what happens when the exclusive ground and air recovery teams that have been promised to look for your vehicle, are made up of unregistered, unarmed and under-qualified agents? Carte Blanche investigates. (Producer: Nicky Troll; Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender)

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Youth Unemployment

It’s been described as a ticking time bomb – millions of young South Africans sitting at home – unemployed. From graduates to matriculants and many more who’ve never completed school, finding a job has become a national crisis. The numbers are startling, some eight million young people may never be employed and it seems that the government has run out of ideas. Carte Blanche analyses how entrepreneurship could be an answer. (Producer: Mart-Marie Faure; Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli)

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UPDATE 30 July 2019: Unemployment in South Africa jumps to 29%, highest since 2008

Samantha Wade

Abused and stalked, Samantha Wade turned to police to remove her ex-fiance’s weapons. The authorities turned her away, dismissing her complaint as a domestic spat that would pass by morning. But just hours later her abuser followed and shot her at close range, in the face, with exploding hollow point bullets. He left her for dead in her car by the side of the road in peak morning traffic. Carte Blanche recounts the remarkable series of responses by medics nearby that meant Wade lived to tell her story. (Producer: Sophia Phirippides; Presenter: Masa Kekana) 

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