WATCH Jacob Zuma Shares Prison Memory Triggered by Mabena Video

The videos of a soldier called Mabena that have been going viral in South Africa the last few days, have triggered a memory from 1963 in the country’s former president Jacob Zuma.

Zuma took to Twitter to share the memory of when he was arrested and interrogated in a police cell in Pretoria.

He said: “That Mabena video reminded me of the one time we were detained at Hercules Police Station”, and went on to recount the tale of being young and ‘very cheeky’ while an angry police warden questioned him. Watch below as Zuma laughs about the interpreter who unwittingly distracted him…

Mabena featured in two videos on social media (watch below) – both showing him not quite performing as well as the others during a South African National Defence Force (SANDF) training session.

The man recording the video can be heard saying: “Mabena, please disappoint me again” and “that Mabena, he’s just tall and lazy for nothing”.

WATCH Jacob Zuma recall interrogation in 1963

If you haven’t seen them yet, watch Mabena in action (or not!):

Since the videos were posted, ‘Mabena’ trended as a hashtag on Twitter… and Monday night was popular again as some renamed Bafana Bafana (South Africa’s national football team), Mabena Mabena after their disappointing performance against the Ivory Coast at the Africa Cup of Nations: