Here’s the line-up of hot topics that the Carte Blanche team tackle this Sunday 30 June in an extended 90-minute episode – watch here if you’re in SA, and don’t miss out if you’re abroad: the current affairs programme is available to stream from Tues 2 July on Showmax International in many countries:

South Africa Unhealthiest Country in the World

South Africa has been ranked as the most depressed, obese, inactive nation with a poor life expectancy. This week Carte Blanche investigates to find out what it means for South Africans that their country is ranked the unhealthiest in the world by a new Global Health Index.

The Indigo Global Wellness Index ranked SA at the worst in the world for health and happiness, at the bottom of a list that included 151 countries (with Canada named the healthiest, followed by Oman, Iceland and the Philippines)!

The study measured several things including healthy life expectancy, obesity, depression, blood pressure, blood glucose (diabetes risk), tobacco use and alcohol use. South Africa did particularly badly in terms of obesity, life expectancy and drinking. (Just recently, SA came sixth in a World Health Organisation (WHO) study into the drunkest country in the world.)

Carte Blanche asks: “What can South Africans do to change our current low life expectancy due to prevalent lifestyle disease?”

Watch the show overseas | Watch in SA on DStv Now

Watch the show overseas | Watch in SA on DStv Now

Education Overhaul

More homework, longer hours, extra classes, less play and stricter tests. Carte Blanche visits some of the top-performing schools in the world and finds that surprisingly, they do the opposite! Derek Watts finds out more, featuring some of the ‘funnest’ schools in the world.

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Truck Attacks

Carte Blanche investigates the alarming escalation of violent, armed attacks on truck drivers countrywide in South Africa as road freight companies struggle to find ways of assuring employees’ safety at work.

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Cruel Stock Theft

Raiding stock thieves cost the country billions every year and spell ruin for farmers. But what lies behind the new trend of slicing the animals in the veld and leaving them for dead?

Stock theft has long threatened farming but now the crime displays a new left of cruelty that is horrific and heartbreaking… where thieves are butchering animals for their meat, while they’re still alive!

Carte Blanche asks: “How will farmers put an end to this?”

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Missing Air Malaysia flight MH370


The disappearance of Malaysian flight #MH370 with 239 people on board is one of the great mysteries of our time. Now, investigators reveal some of the recovered parts of the wreckage.

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