South African Elephant Fathers Baby Calf in Austria Through Artificial Insemination

A baby elephant born in an Austrian zoo five days ago has a wild elephant in South Africa to thank for its life!

The young female calf, whose name will be announced on 23 July, was conceived through artificial insemination. It’s the second such birth at Vienna’s Schoenbrunn zoo.

The baby’s 27-year-old mother Numbi was inseminated with semen from a male elephant belonging to Phinda private game reserve in KwaZulu-Natal.

A poll is being held to name the baby – Phinda is one of the names on the list, along with Dunia (‘world’ in Swahili) or Kibali (after the river in the Democratic Republic of the Congo). The poll ends on the 23rd. The zoo would like her name to reflect the natural habitat of the African elephant, and be easy to pronounce!

According to a Reuters report, the baby weighed 90 kg at birth and is “developing well”.

WATCH VIDEO: Baby elephant born in Austria through artificial insemination