WATCH South African Cyclist Takes On Angry Driver in London… And Wins

A cyclist in London – with a South African accent – bravely took on a driver who tried to ‘cheat’ the early morning traffic.

Caught in a traffic jam near Regent’s Park, the driver tried to slip into the cycling lane and avoid the delay… but watch how the cyclist refuses to move, and calls the London police.

The video has gone viral, attracting over four million views in less than five days!

An SAPeople follower said: “I believe that’s a Saffa accent 😂 We always have a way… just surprised he didn’t start with, “listen here my friend”…. 😂”

WATCH South African Cyclist Takes On Angry Driver… And Wins

London police arrive at scene after cyclist goes face-to-face with furious driver

This driver is about to get a dose heavy of instant karma… Credit: Newsflare

Posted by NTD Television on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The video has touched a nerve with cyclists and drivers around the world who have an ongoing ‘war’ over who’s more entitled to the road, leading to it going viral. A television station in New York said: “This driver is about to get a dose heavy of instant karma…”

Most people have praised the cyclist, although one social media user said “this cyclist is notorious at this corner I’ve heard. Cyclists want Regent’s Park to be a a circular play thing for themselves, no motor vehicles at all. So traffic in the surrounding areas will get very clogged up and more fumes in sitting traffic. Khan that silly man of a mayor is not helping the people of London who have to drive in London to earn to live. Just saying.”

Others said it was time more people cycled and used public transport. One said: “The car driver is unbelievable. He has a bad attitude and should have had his licence taken off him. He is in the wrong and using his car to ram into the cyclist is disgraceful. Well done to the cyclist hope he was ok afterwards.”