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With the Vaal Dam below 50% full, the Katse Dam down to 13% and Gauteng gripped in a heatwave, the threat of running out of water is real, according to experts who discuss the plight of the province on South Africa’s current affairs show, Carte Blanche, tonight.

For those who haven’t sweltered the heatwave in the past week or so, this photo below by SAPeople contributor Stan Sanetra, taken while flying out of Johannesburg on Friday, reveals just how dry the province is…

How amazing is this picture! TY Stan 'Aerial Photographer Extraordinaire' Sanetra‎ – "It might be dry and very hot in…

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With heatwave upon heatwave and dams running low, Carte Blanche’s Claire Mawaisa finds out more about whether the province can prevent this pending disaster?

She also discovers just how awful the Vaal Dam smells:

Experts are concerned that the Vaal Dam which supplies Gauteng with most of its water, as well as Free State and the Northern Cape and parts of Mpumalanga, has now dropped to less than half its full capacity.

On top of that, the Katse Dam in the Lesotho Highlands – which is meant to provide additional reserves – is sitting at just 13% and the little rain that has fallen, hasn’t helped to increase the water supply.

The Department of Water and Sanitation claims there is no need to panic, but with a drought looming – Carte Blanche asks: where will the much needed resource come from?

The show also explores the reasons behind some of South Africa’s declining water sources… as persistent heatwaves, hot dry winds, droughts in other provinces and a lack of significant downpour in South Africa’s summer rainfall regions will impact the economic and industrial hub of SA.

Find out more on Carte Blanche on DStv Now if you’re in SA. OR stream the show from Tuesday if you’ve overseas (in most countries, not all, sorry).