WATCH Nando’s New Ad – Mzansipoli, a Game of Survival in South Africa

Nando’s has done it again! The fast-food chicken restaurant chain has produced an advert that pokes fun at the South African government and cuts to the truth of current life in SA.

The commercial encourages South Africans to play a game that’s a lot like Monopoly but includes South African twists such as the ‘token Asian’, the ‘white privilege card’, the ‘race card’ and the toll payment that’s optional. It’s called: Mzansipoli! And it’s touted as “the game of survival, corruption and confusion… ”

Nando’s South Africa joked: “Beat the game that has been playing you. #Mzansipoli”

Viewers have loved it, with one South African YouTube user saying: “If only we could have the Nando’s marketing team market and sell our country to international investors, investment would be at an all time high and unemployment would drop to 1% by next week. Mr President Ramaphosa, do the right thing, beg Nando’s for their marketing team.”

Many asked whether this board game was actually available to purchase at Nando’s branches. Someone answered: “Yes, and if you buy 2 you get a free ice-cream toaster.”

with game highlights including a ‘white privilege’ card, Token Asian and ‘race card’…

WATCH NANDO’S VIDEO: Mzansipoli – the game being played nationwide in South Africa