Loving Lions Video Goes Viral As They Wait for New Life in South Africa

LOS ANGELES – A video showing the devotion between two ex-circus lions, rescued by Animal Defenders International (ADI), has gone viral on Facebook… notching up more than half a million view (573,000) and more than 71,000 reactions so far (and counting!)

Thanks to Guatemala’s ban on animal circuses, the lions have been rescued from a life of deprivation and suffering. The two featured in the video – Tarzan and Tanya – are currently relaxing at the ADI Temporary Rescue Center in Guatemala as they wait to board their flight to take them to a new life at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary (ADIWS) in South Africa.

ADI President Jan Creamer says, “It’s wonderful to see this loving lion couple so happy and carefree after the terrible suffering they endured while in the circus. Now let’s get these sweethearts home to spend their first Valentine’s in Africa!”

Tarzan washes his beloved partner Tanya

Tarzan is making sure that his Tanya looks her very best for the trip of a lifetime and their journey home to Africa, washing his beloved partner with meticulous care. This sweet couple are truly devoted to one another and we are so happy to be bringing them to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, where they can run free. After years of suffering in the circus, Tarzan and Tanya will be able to enjoy a wonderful new life in their native homeland. Together, forever, where they belong. To relocate our 17 rescued lions and tigers, including Tanya and Tarzan, from Guatemala to our sanctuary is challenging to say the least but with your help we will have them home soon. To help fund the airlift:US $: https://donate.adiusa.org/guatemala UK £: https://donate.ad-international.org/guatemala To adopt Tanya, or Tarzan, and help care for them, for life:US $ https://donate.adiusa.org/adoptalion/ UK £ https://donate.ad-international.org/adoptalion/ The Operation Liberty airlift would not be possible but for the very special support of @GreaterGood.org, Dr Lo Sprague (President of The Guibord Center – Religion Inside Out), Dr Betsy Coville and Priority Worldwide. Our thanks, too, to all of the ADI supporters who have helped us get this far, to the Guatemala government for passing the ban, the departments of Unidad de Bienestar Animal MAGA (UBA) and Conap Consejo Nacional de Áreas Protegidas; and our animal protection partners in Guatemala ARCAS.#OperationLiberty #adopt

Posted by Animal Defenders International on Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Tanya’s doting partner, Tarzan sustained a torn lower lip following a reported fight with a tiger in the circus, which ADI hopes will be possible to repair at their sanctuary.

Tanya is Tarzan’s protector, ADI believing the scars on her face from the diminutive lioness trying to defend him during that savage encounter with a tiger.

According to ADI, this devoted duo has a love that has carried them through the hardest times, and they continue to shower each other with affection.

To adopt Tarzan and Tanya and help support their care for life, click here.

The big cats’ flight is largely being funded by nonprofit leader GreaterGood.org, with ADI raising the remaining funds needed (donations can be made here).

#OperationLiberty #adopt

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