Carte Blanche: Wildlife Heroes Saving Rare Albino Baby Elephant Hurt by Poachers

With everything stacked against him, there’s a little elephant in South Africa who’s survival is putting smiles in all our hearts and making news around the world. This Sunday Carte Blanche meets the wildlife heroes in South Africa who are saving a rare albino baby elephant who was severely injured by a poaching snare.

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Khanyisa – The Albino Elephant

Trapped in a poacher’s snare for several days without food or water and seriously injured, Khanyisa – the rare albino elephant calf didn’t stand a chance.

At less than six months old, her herd eventually abandoned her, leaving her to battle the elements alone.

meeting rare white albino elephant south africa
Meeting the rare white albino elephant in South Africa that’s made worldwide news after she was caught in a poacher’s snare and abandoned.

But now with a little help from some friends (initially at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary with Petronella and her team) and now at HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development – Adine Roode and her team), she’s on the road to recovery. The caring humans have nursed her physically and emotionally – treating her injuries, caring for her overnight and playing with her during the day.

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Carte Blanche presenter Derek Watts says: “When you look at the challenges facing the world and this country, one elephant may not seem to be all that much. But this little albino elephant called Khanyisa is a story of true survival and fighting against the odds, showing that cruelty doesn’t always win.”

HERD says Khanyisa is a miracle and that “this little girl is so unbelievably brave. The odds of her survival have been stacked against her from birth; she was born as an albino, she then endured excruciating pain trapped in the jaws of a manmade snare, and left to fight for her fragile life for an unknown amount of days.

adine with rare white albino elephant
Adine Roode with the rare white albino elephant calf.

“We can only try to comprehend the amount of pain she felt, how scared she felt, was her herd with her when it happened, was she alone? And how hot and thirsty she must have been. How could she possibly survive? It is clear to us now; it is her spirit; she is a fighter. Her spirit is strong.”

owen caring for elephants jabulani
Owen, one of HERD’s caring humans who’s become a friend to the elephants.

Derek joined Adine on the reserve, meeting Khanyisa’s future family – the Jabulani Safari herd… and finding out more about Khanyisa’s incredible story of survival and what HERD is all about.

Derek Watts meets the Jabulani tribe. Photo: HERD

Khanyisa has already met one of the elephant bulls from the Jabulani herd, Jabulani himself. HERD said Jabulani “cast a protective shadow over Khanyisa, that said more than any words ever could. Khanyisa stood so still in his presence, as if in awe. They looked upon each other in silence to our ears, yet no doubt sharing so much more between them as kindred elephant spirits.” (They have to use an umbrella to protect little Khanyisa’s albino skin from the sun.)

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(Producer: Sinethemba Nogude | Presenter: Derek Watts)

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