WATCH Trevor Noah on Ellen: “I Think I’ve Become Friends with Bill Gates”

South African comedian Trevor Noah entertained talk show host Ellen and her audience on Monday with a hilarious story about how he trained with intense tennis coaches to play in Cape Town, South Africa, with Rafael Nadal in a doubles match against Roger Federer and Bill Gates… in front of the most spectators ever (52,000 people).

He explained that the reason he ended up even being part of that foursome was that “I don’t know how this happened, but I think I’ve become friends with Bill Gates… I’ve just met him many times, and we have conversations.

“And then one day he phoned and he said: Hey, do you want to play tennis with me? And I was like: Yeah.” Bill then told him it would be in Cape Town with Federer and Nadal.

Noah told Ellen: “I said: I’m in, I’m in. I didn’t know how to play tennis though! But I didn’t want to tell them this.” Two months before the match, Federer’s people called to ask Noah to send them a video of him playing tennis. It was only when he went with a friend to play that he discovered he could hit a ball, just not in the direction it was meant to go!

That’s when he hired a coach and started playing two to three hours a day to learn! “It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done,” he told Ellen.

Watch below as he explains how he was coached…

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Trevor also discussed with Ellen whether he thinks Donald Trump being president is a good thing for comedy, admitting he could actually be making comedians work a little harder to write jokes about him. Plus, the South African expat, who enjoys coming home when he can, shared his smart tips for traveling, and how he manages to make tough political news funny.

He also pointed out that while it’s good to live in the present, it’s important to know it won’t last forever; and that while we can have different political views we should still recognise that each other is a human being.

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