10 Items to Have for Lockdown, Says a South African Expat in Isolation

Bruce Marais

Our intrepid correspondent Bruce Marais, who is usually travelling, has been in self-imposed quarantine in Casablanca, Morocco, for almost two weeks. For South Africans about to go into 21 days of lockdown he has some useful tips.

bruce marais mask
Bruce in isolation.

“Dear friends in South Africa who are going on lockdown this Thursday, I’ve been in isolation for 13 days now, here is a list of things I recommend you stock up on before you have to lock your doors:

1. Masks and gloves for shopping

2. Plenty of wine/ drinks

3. Medical supplies

4. Whatever fitness equipment you can find

home gym ted botha
Household items to use for a home gym. Photo: Ted Botha

5. Equipment for a new hobby: woodwork/ painting/ scrap booking/ baking (dangerous if you don’t have gym equipment) knitting, etc.

6. Seedlings for a vegetable garden

7. Good WiFi

8. If you have anyone working for you, make sure you take care of them.

9. Enough dry goods, tinned food, TP (if you can find it), chocolates, etc.

10. Some new pajamas and a great pair of slippers or two. (Don’t wear outside shoes inside)

The upside: Every day feels like Saturday

Stay safe friends and stick to the plan.