Photos: Day One of Lockdown in South Africa

By Ashraf Hendricks and Lucas Nowicki |Soldiers and police patrol streets asking residents to stay at home.

Cape Town’s main roads were eerily quiet on Friday morning, the first day of the three-week lockdown ordered by President Cyril Ramaphosa to suppress the Covid-19 epidemic. Both the police and the army are enforcing the lockdown. The Department of Transport issued a statement saying that 22,347 traffic officers have been deployed across the country to “ensure compliance with the published regulations”.

With the lockdown in place, drivers and passengers have to explain their reasons for travelling at roadblocks in Cape Town. Photo: Ashraf Hendricks
Cape Town city centre was mostly quiet this morning. There were only security personnel and a few people on the streets. Most stores were closed except spaza shops and a spice shop. Photo: Ashraf Hendricks
The streets of Bo Kaap, famous for its colourful homes, were completely empty. Photo: Ashraf Hendricks
Refugees living opposite Caledon Square Police Station said that they have had no contact with government officials and are unsure of what would be happening to them during the lockdown. Photo: Ashraf Hendricks
Residents in Langa watched as metro police made their way through the township telling people to stay on their properties. Photo: Ashraf Hendricks
Muizenberg, one of the City’s most popular beaches, was devoid of people. Photo: Lucas Nowicki
A law enforcement officer stationed at Greenmarket Square is befriended by a squirrel. Photo: Ashraf Hendricks
A small shop in Muizenberg was open in the morning, but closed by the afternoon. Photo: Lucas Nowicki