Must Watch Film About How Guptas Stole South Africa: How To Steal A Country
Must Watch Film About How Guptas Stole South Africa: How To Steal A Country. On Showmax now

With this week’s arrest of the Gupta brothers in Dubai, it’s worth watching ‘How to Steal A Country’ – a fascinating and shocking documentary, by an Emmy award-winning filmmaker, on the rise and fall of the Gupta family and how they managed to ‘steal’ South Africa. (Updated 8 June 2022)

As hard as it is to watch that much money leave SA in just 93 minutes, “How To Steal A Country” is essential viewing for all South Africans who want to understand their country. Watch it here on Showmax.

The documentary is by Rehad (Everything Must Fall) Desai, an Emmy winner for his Miners Shot Down about the massacre at the Marikana mine; and is co-directed by multi-award-winning Mark J Kaplan (“The Village Under The Forest”).

As investigative journalist Thanduxolo Jika says in the documentary: “It’s been almost ten years of unabated looting. They estimate that it’s close to a trillion that the whole state capture debacle cost the country. A country that has got the highest unemployment rate, the highest rate of people who live in poverty. A trillion could have changed their lives.”

Desai’s take on how the Guptas went from being traders to selling shoes out of their cars… to multi-billionaires – as is stated in the documentary by journalist Ferial Haffajee – is a suspenseful detective story uncovering one huge bribery scandal after another, involving the top echelons of political power and several well-known multinational corporations.

Watch on Showmax now.

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