Carte Blanche: How Do You Know If A Paedophile Lives in Your Area? “The Killer Next Door”

This week, Carte Blanche investigates how perpetrators of heinous crimes are considered for parole in South Africa, and how can you know if a paedophile lives in your area, or even right next door?

When 12-year-old Michaela Williams was found raped and murdered near her home, her parents couldn’t have imagined that her killer lived just a few houses down, or that their friendly neighbour was a convicted paedophile out on parole.

As presenter Masa Kekana says:One would think if a perpetrator is found guilty of raping a child, they will remain behind bars for life. That wasn’t the case for the perpetrators who killed Michaela Williams and Tazne van Wyk (8).

“Both men were released on parole, only to target children and commit the same crime they were initially found guilty of.”

The Paedophile Next Door

In America, the National Sex Offender Registry is open to the public and citizens can find out if child sex offenders live in their community. But in South Africa, the Child Protection Register is private.

Carte Blanche asks: Could making it public protect children in their homes?

Statistics in South Africa show that children are often sexually abused by someone they know, and the purpose of the Child Protection Register is to protect them from predators in their communities. But the register isn’t available to the public.

So how do you know if a paedophile lives in your area? Carte Blanche investigates. (PRODUCER: CAROL ALBERTYN CHRISTIE | PRESENTER: MASA KEKANA)

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Parole Boards Under Scrutiny

Convicted in 2015 of the rape and indecent assault of three girls that he had coached, former Wimbledon doubles champion Bob Hewitt was ordered to serve six years of an eight-year sentence, because of his advanced age. Now, 80-year-old Hewitt has been granted parole in a process that has been flawed and traumatising for his victims. Carte Blanche investigates how perpetrators of heinous crimes are considered for parole. (PRODUCER: KATE BARRY | PRESENTER: MASA KEKANA)

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