A small Facebook page with a huge heart has made a big difference to thousands of people in Gauteng, South Africa, during Lockdown… delivering over 5,000 parcels, feeding thousands and creating three temporary shelters.

The page is One Small Act of Kindness and is run by nursery school owner Kelly-Ann Van Der Meer… whose loved ones describe her as having “a heart like a Putco Bus… always room for more!”

During Lockdown, Kelly-Ann’s brought love and kindness to many starving, desperate people in South Africa. But that’s nothing new – for over five years, Kelly-Ann has been assisting people in the community who need help.

She and her husband have had a four-year-old boy in their foster care for three years, and have provided a place of safety to over 20 children in four years. The couple also has four dogs, an African grey, a cat… and fish. “I love all living beings,” she says.

Kelly-Ann founded Facebook page One Small Act of Kindness in 2016 to create a platform for people who want to help make a difference, which enables her and her small team of volunteers to help the community.

To make ends meet Kelly-Ann also au pairs, sells natural beauty products, and owns Little Bugs Day Care in Sharonlea… but running the Charity, One Small Act of Kindness, is her main focus. She spends time with people getting to know their struggles, helping them with their CVs to get a job, and watching with gratitude how “something as small as a blanket or pair of socks creates a smile”.

1 small act of kindness packages south africa

“This is more like my full time job… however I truly love it! If I could make a way to just survive and be more on the street I would be!” she told SAPeople.

Until recently One Small Act of Kindness was feeding 200 men weekly. But now, with Covid-19, the demand FAR exceeds that.

Just this week, these are some of the people One Small Act of Kindness is trying to help:

  • We’re in need of help 🙏🏼 We’ve got a group of 8 men we need to cover rent for or they’ll lose the roof over their heads, which isn’t an option. We’ve known each of them for ages and trust them wholeheartedly ❤️ Wed love to be able to raise R4,000 to ensure they’re safe and warm during these times. Please let us know if you can assist!
  • We have a very troubled soul at the shelter in Fontainebleau and he is needing a little more help than we are equipped to deal with. He has asked to see someone and chat to someone. Is there any psychologist that would be willing to assist him deal and move forward so he can look after his younger brother to the best of his ability? Please inbox us.
  • Another busy day on site building and preparing the house for this little child-headed family in Cosmo ❤️We’re in need of another R7,000 to ensure they have a safe home and sanitation and a working bathroom. With a new baby on the way, safety during uncertain times is essential! Please consider donating if you can – every bit helps ❤️❤️❤️(The children’s mom passed away last year, and one of the girls – still at school – is expecting a baby. They’ve been through “horror”.)
  • Another busy day, but a good one ❤️Today we handed out just over 450 parcels to those in need. These included our first batch of ready-to-cook soup/stew mixes – we handed out 70 of these bags 😬The shelter is in need of the following for our 30 guys’ meals 🍽🌶🥩🥫🍤- Cereals – Milk (long life or powdered) – Any meat (chicken, fish, beef) – Spices – Sauces. Our chef is also in need of some kitchen utensils to making cooking easier – let us know if you have some looking for a new home! Message us if you can assist! ❤️”

If people abroad are able to assist, it would be so greatly appreciated. “We are desperately needing more help to keep going,” says Kelly-Anne.

Here are details to donate if you would like to:

Ref “Cell number”

1 small act of kindness packages south africa

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