In welcome news for stranded expats who need to head back to their homes or jobs in the UK, or from London to South Africa, two potential flights have been announced for next week.

The target timing of the flights is 11 and 12 June, but a minimum number of 450 passengers (in- and outbound) need to book before 12h00 UK time on Thursday 4 June 2020.

Absolute Aviation says: “The flight is an unscheduled, mission specific and entirely bespoke charter operation and as such requires a minimum passenger count of 450 pax (combined passenger count for both in the outbound and inbound flights) to be viable.

“As such, Absolute Flight Services proposes to close passenger bookings and payments at 12h00 UK time on Thursday, 4 June, 2020. At that time, it will be determined whether there is sufficient demand to make the flight commercially viable.”

The price per passenger is entirely determined by passenger numbers assuming a full flight, (250 Pax per leg), it will be R15,950 excl. VAT.

Passenger payment will be required to confirm booking. According to their website, passengers will receives written acknowledgement after booking, which will be followed by an invoice from Absolute Flight Services. Payment must be made in full by electronic transfer within 24 hours of digital notification of this approval.

On receipt of a related proof of payment, Absolute Flight Services will confirm the booking and send a ticket to be presented on arrival for the flight.

To book a ticket, or find out more, visit Absolute Aviation here.