Footage of Cape Town Gang Shooting Makes International News

An execution in Cape Town, South Africa, at 10am on Saturday morning has made news headlines internationally after the incident was caught live on CCTV.

The 30-second clip – which is being studied by police in South Africa – shows the gunning down of a gang member known as “Aggies”, who police say belonged to the Flakka Boys gang.

The incident took place in Lavendar Hill, a neighbourhood plagued by gang warfare.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) believe the shooting was part of a violent turf war between the local Flakka Boys and the ‘Junky Funky Kids’.

It apparently happened on a street corner in an area which is so dangerous that ambulances need to enter with a police escort.

Police spokesperson Colonel Andre Traut confirmed a 21-year-old man was fatally wounded and that a 20-year-old man survived a non-life threatening gunshot wound.

Col. Traut said a case of murder and attempted murder were being investigated.

A police source told the Daily Voice: “The guy shot is part of the Flakka Boys and they have been in constant conflict with the Junky Funky Kids gang since 2018.

“It comes after one of the leaders of the Funky’s was killed a few weeks ago.”

Community Police Forum chairperson, Gavin Walbrugh said: “The video is very disturbing indeed and it just goes to show how cheap life is on the Cape Flats.”

The gang wars are reportedly over the drug trade and lucrative organised crime rackets.

The video can be viewed here, but please note, it has graphic content and is upsetting.

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