WATCH Eight Homes Washed into the Sea in Norway Landslide

A sudden landslide in the north of Norway caused eight homes to be washed into the sea on Wednesday 3 June.

The incredible scene was captured on film by Jan Egil Bakkeby, a resident of Alta, who had just finished making a couple of sandwiches when he heard the noise, which sounded like creaking.

“At first I thought there was someone in the attic, but then I looked out the window and saw the power lines ripping and the ground moving,” Bakkeby told local reporters.

Photo by Jan Egil Bakkeby: “Then Paradise was history 😭” (Source: FB)

The cause of the slide has been identified as “quick clay” which is apparently common in northern countries from Canada to Norway and Russia.

The landslide was reportedly 800 metres long and 40 metres high.

Fortunately nobody was injured, and a dog that was washed out to sea managed to safely swim back to shore where a helicopter picked him up!

WATCH VIDEO 8 homes washed into the sea in landslide in Norway

Norway 03.06.2020

Living at the coastline in Norway can be challenging sometimes!(03.06.2020) Vid: @Jan Egil Bakkeby

Posted by Marcus Kleveland on Wednesday, June 3, 2020