The Big Medical Aid Heist in South Africa?

By Georg Knoke

The big medical aid heist? To replace my current lenses will cost R6,000 – of which #Bankmed will ONLY pay R1,500 – thus leaving me to pay R4,500 out of MY own pocket… writes Gauteng publicist and regular SAPeople contributor Georg Knoke.

Some background: I’m on one of the highest levels of medical aid cover, the frames are my current frames – so, NO new frames – and the eye test has already been paid for!

No fancy adjustments – I’m astigmatic!

Can anyone in the industry tell me why my contribution for the simple cutting of a pair of lenses is the astronomical amount of R4,500 – my cost?

If one has a family with most members wearing glasses, this is obviously a financial shock!

Does anyone cut lenses privately – at a better price? Or are these costs predetermined by a specific ‘conglomerate’/mafia – cast in concrete – predetermined- all part of the big medical aid heist?

What cut does the optometrist get? Who else benefits?

What’s your take on this daylight robbery?

Are we really sitting ducks – allowing some schmucks to be exploited? Who has the money to pay these astronomical amounts?

With so many people losing their income during lockdown, what must they do – especially when glasses are essential?

SAPeople has asked BankMed for their comment, and we will publish their response here once we receive it.