Vusi Rant on Battered Economy Goes Viral: “You Did This!” He Accuses Government

Several hardhitting videos on Twitter by businessman and global speaker Vusi Thembekwayo have gone viral, with him blaming ANC government corruption for the devastation the country now faces and saying that South Africa could otherwise have survived the COVID pandemic. 

The videos originated from one longer video he had filmed live on Facebook Watch on Wednesday. Vusi (35) retweeted the video on Twitter saying: “Dear Politicians: F! You.”

For the first time, Vusi notes angrily as he walks around an empty office, he is swearing on social media. Surrounded by dozens of desks now without computers and people at them, he says, “People sat here. People provided for their families here. Business was done here… So, Mr. Politician, Mr. Lockdown the Country, Mr. Let me Tweet and get 500 Retweets, where the f*ck are you now?”

Vusi – who is well known for his stint as an investor and ‘dragon’ in the South African version of ‘Dragon’s Den’ – continues: “You’ve all been f*cking around with this country and this economy forever. They were pissing it up. If they weren’t doing corrupt deals, they were arguing in parliament about redundant sh*t that didn’t make sense for anybody.

“Your stupidity over the past twenty-six years,” he says. “You did this! Because if you built a country that was inclusive with an economy that was growing, we could have survived this sh*t. But you guys were too busy making sure you were eating at the trough, making sure that your pockets are lined, making sure that your deals made sense, making sure that you build yourself your homestead.

“You were too busy trying to earn votes. So excuse me, for the first time in my social media I make use of the words, F*ck you.” Looking around the empty office, he says, “This is the impact.”

Many South Africans have welcomed Vusi’s rant, saying it speaks the truth for them, that this is the “deeply hurtful reality” that can no longer be downplayed.

While some people jumped up and down about his swearing, others defended him saying they joined his “f**k you”. Vusi tweeted on Friday afternoon: “We’ve been talking soft for 26yrs. You want soft, go watch the news.”

Transport Minister and Twitter fan, Mbalula Fikile, tweeted Friday evening: “Vusi is raising important issues about state of business during covid19 . Except that he apportions blame on us politicians i personally don’t find that offensive; when the dust settle we will talk.”