taylor queen of cuteness south africa
Taylor, South Africa's Queen of Cuteness

South Africa’s most adorable ‘chatterbox’ – six-year-old Taylor Morrison from Durban – is back with more gems of wisdom for South Africans. Watch her latest video below.

Taylor has been entertaining her older brother and family – and the nation – since she was just two, with her video outbursts telling it like it is. She has almost 200,000 followers on Facebook (Terrible/Cute Two’s) and over 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Taylor on her 4th Birthday party. She’s now six. Photo credit: Sherwin Pather @designerimagephotography

As SAPeople follower Judy Govender says: “Oh to have the innocence of a child again… and see the world through pure eyes and the joy she brings just by listening to her speak so eloquently about corona virus and Cyril Ramaphosa and tutorials and the situation… omiword can i please have you for a day, Taylor?? What a joy you are ❤️”

WATCH Taylor, South Africa’s Queen of Cuteness

The Queen of Cuteness is back… (TY Canita D)

Posted by SA-People – for South Africans in South Africa and expats on Friday, July 10, 2020