spinach kale home garden cape town south africa
Home garden in Gugulethu, Cape Town.

To support home and community food gardens, the Western Cape government’s “One Home, One Garden” initiative has already helped establish 1,371 food gardens – in the form of vegetable gardens or chicken coops – in two months, with more than 400 in just one week.

“One of my key priorities for agriculture is farmer support and development,” said Western Cape Minister of Agriculture, Ivan Meyer. “The One Home, One Garden initiative is in line with our support for subsistence farmers.”

A total of 433 gardens were established in the Cape Town area two weeks ago, the city said in a statement last week, with 123 of them in Gugulethu. Other areas that have benefitted include Riversdale, Groot Brak, Thembalethu, Nduli, Bella Vista and DuNoon.


spinach kale home garden cape town south africa
Meyer with a new member of the gardening fraternity.
spinach kale home garden cape town south africa
Newly grown kale and spinach at one of the gardens.

“By encouraging communities and households to establish food gardens, we are shifting the focus from food relief to food security”, Meyer said.

He said a garden of 20 square meters could provide salads, cabbage, onion, beetroot and beans during autumn, and broccoli, spinach, carrots, turnip, and peas during spring. A chicken house of four to six chickens could provide a family with six to eight eggs a day.

“The goal is to assist households to be able to produce enough food to meet basic household food security needs throughout the year.  Income can be earned from the selling of surplus produce” said Meyer.